Art Research – A Unique Online Information Service

William Thuillier is pleased to be able to offer an art research and valuation* service that is invaluable in the appreciation of your pictures. If you would like information relating to any works that you may have, please follow the steps below and select the level of information that you would like from our pricing table:

Step 1. Take a high resolution picture of the painting with your digital camera or scan a photo at high resolution. Save this image as a .jpeg at approximately 1-2MB.

Step 2. Email the high resolution .JPG file to [email protected]

Step 3. Once you have received confirmation of receipt of the image file and that a report is being prepared, please click here and proceed through the PayPal secure credit card payment system. William Thuillier will only release the report once the payment has been received.

Step 4. Once you have made your payment, you will receive the information that relates to the picture you have put forward.

Attributions will be classified under the following categories:

Full nameIn our opinion a painting by the artist
Attributed toIn our opinion probably a painting all or partly by the artist.
Studio ofIn our opinion a work painted in the studio of the artist.
Circle of: In our opinion a painting of the same period as the artist executed under his influence.
Follower ofIn our opinion a painting executed in the style of the artist but not necessarily by a pupil
Manner ofIn our opinion a painting executed in the artist’s style but of a later period.
After: In our opinion a copy of the artist’s work of any period

*Valuations can also be given, but these are subject to fluctuating market trends and can only be estimates of the work’s worth. Advice is available, too, on the disposal of pictures and means to realise their best value.Send us an image now, and we will give you as much information as possible.

The opinions given are the views of Art Research only, based on due diligence and research, but Art Research cannot be held responsible for any statement as to origin, date, age, attribution and genuiness of any image submitted to them. The service offers an opinion only.